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Positive Image is conveniently located in the yellow brick cottage at 2108 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC.  It’s a peaceful, quiet retreat for preparing your skin, as well as your mind, for the real world.

Our clients vary from models to moms, and from teens to dads. We know it can be daunting to determine what treatments and ingredients are best for your skincare routine.  That’s why only a licensed professional esthetician, well trained in product knowledge and treatments, will guide you on how to achieve your skin care goals.


About Nancy

Nancy L. McMillon, Licensed Esthetician, CNHP

Nancy became fascinated with makeup when she was eight years old.  “My mother dressed me as a gypsy for a Halloween contest and made up my face,” she reflects. “One look into the mirror was all it took.  That’s when I realized that makeup could transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

She began selling skin care to classmates in high school, and became a distributor for a cosmetic company training sales ladies in product knowledge as a young housewife. She opened a cosmetic home office operation a few years later in Tennessee.  After she moved to Greenville, SC, in 1980, she opened her first studio in 1981 incorporating clothing accessories, makeup, and skin care.  Her first services were color analysis and makeup lessons.

“It wasn’t until a few years later that South Carolina law required anyone who charged for services to be licensed, and I promptly complied,” says Nancy.  Since that time, she has been fortunate to study with prominent makeup artists from coast to coast.  Her most recent certification was to become a Master Artist with ColoreScience Mineral Makeup in California where she experienced her first earth quake during classes! 

Nancy believes that anti-aging is more than what you put on your face, but also what you think and what you eat – even how you sleep.  As a Certified Natural Health Professional, she helps her clients understand that a youthful appearance is a lifestyle.  She believes beauty is from the inside out. 

“That is why I say BE BEAUTIFUL, because it begins with what you think and your body reflects that thought next in your posture.  If we don’t think beauty, we don’t reflect beauty. Our choices create our own unique beauty, as well as our challenges,” Nancy says.

Nancy has given educational seminars for many years. As the owner of a clothing store for 13 years, she developed spouse programs for companies and seminars for her clients teaching clothing and accessory illusion to compliment the body.  “Now, I concentrate on what I love best – education in skin care and makeup in our seminar room and one on one consultation with clients,” she says. ::Return to Top::

Notes From Nancy

March 2010
Beauty Tips (PDF)

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Press Articles

Greenville News – Lifestyle cover story article (PDF)

as seen in U Magazine AD (The Journal), pg.27, “Put your best face forward…” (PDF)

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“(I started) with skin care (actually brows) and then quickly moved to makeup while expanding from face to body. The skin care (Circadia) coupled with the makeup (ColoreScience) has erased years from my facial appearance. Even without makeup my skin has reduced wrinkling and blotchiness. (I) recommend Revitalight since this treatment has dramatically improved the appearance of my face (i.e.: reducing deep wrinkles, lightening age spots, and increasing the “glow” of my skin.) I have made life-long friends – Nancy, Catherine & Kim. I appreciate their quick and helpful response to all my issues that develop…” H.W. - client more than 2 years, 60’s

He (my husband) did notice (my eyebrows) and said that I should have done that a long time ago. He made a comment that it (The Art of the Arch©) opened (my eyes) up a lot more. Thank you for helping me get my act together on ways to improve my looks.  D.J. - new client after her fist appointment - 50

“I have been using products (MD Formulations) from Positive Image for a number of years...When I use other products I would get shiny around the “T” area by noon.  But using the MDF products I never get shiny.  My face stays fresh looking all day. My face has a glow about it and I truly LOVE all these products.”  D.W. – GA client

“After getting my brows arched (The Art of the Arch©), I am receiving numerous compliments stating that I look happier.  I am constantly being asked as to what I have changed about myself.  I am very happy with the services received from Positive Image.”  M.H. – new client 2009

Before: “I have bad acne that I would like to try hard to cover… I am just covering up instead of treating. I hope there aren't lasting consequences!!”
One month later: “Been using the (BiON) products and I really like them! It’s good to have powder along with the crème. The quality of these products is just amazing, really wonderful! By the way, the acne treatment products are really improving my skin already. People have even noticed the difference- MUCH less red!”   A.R. – International client in her 30’s

“I like being able to be treated like an intelligent human and not a ‘kid playing in the makeup.’ I like the (ColoreScience) Genie Eye shadow colors and that you can mix the eye shadow colors to make your own color. They (the department store reps) do not take you seriously if they think you are too young. Nancy knows what she is talking about and loves to share her knowledge to better your life.”   L.W. - teenager

“I don’t have blemishes any more (since using BiON.) Before, I always had breakouts on my skin. As far as the makeup (ColoreScience), it covers well and does not feel heavy on my skin and does not itch. I have very oily skin and it stays on my skin very well. It feels nice and I do not feel as if I want to rush home and wash my face like I did when using…products from …department stores. The prices are about the same with much better results with personalized service. I did not get that from the department stores. G.C. – client since 2003

“Oftentimes people look at my skin and say, ‘what have you done to your skin, you look so young.’  Or, sometimes they will confuse me with my daughter, which is really a nice complement.  Sometimes people say my skin has a glowing and elasticized look, not saggy or losing it’s firmness.”  K.F. – client for more than 13 years (Beta Facials, Revitalight facials, Circadia Myo-cyte, BiON & ColoreScience)

“I’ve noticed dramatic difference in my skin as far as breakouts …which had a lot to do with hormonal cycle. Since I have been getting my (Beta) facials monthly (and) I don’t have those problems anymore...The texture of my skin has changed. Much clearer, smoother, my skin feels like it has more elasticity…(it) looks and feels better.”  L.B. – client more than 7 years – 40’s

“I bought Bion Acne products from Nancy McMillon. I am 31 years old and now just got pregnant; I need to know if the products are safe to use during pregnancy?” A.R.

After consulting with Nancy and BiON, Larry Lockhart from BiON, wrote the following to this client:

“None of those four products will cause any problems with your pregnancy or with nursing.  BiON does have a couple of anti-aging products that have Vitamin A and the Vitamin A should not be used during pregnancy or nursing.  Therefore, continue with your BiON acne system throughout your pregnancy.” ::Return to Top::



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